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Top Tips and Hints when buying a motor home.

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Things to look out for because we all know that a test drive isn’t everything.

Have you recently bought a secondhand motor home, been delighted with the initial once-over that you give it on the lot only to be greatly disappointed when you get your new baby off the dealer’s premises?

Before hand-over check the following because we know how excited you will be and some things could be forgotten!

The Awning

Have it fully extended, not partially but FULLY! This will show any abuse that it has endured such as tears, mould, non-tensioning legs. Make sure also that it can be fully retracted with ease!

The Water System

Your dealer should be able to hook-up for you on their premises and fill or partially fill the water tank so you can see that the pump works, the water heater functions correctly and that the toilet flushes!

Check around the water tank for any leaks because if the dealer hasn’t had water in the tank then he isn’t going to know if it leaks or not.

While the motor home is hooked up to the electric make sure all the lights work to your satisfaction and the same again when it’s not connected. There’s no excuse for the leisure battery not being fully charged when you go to collect your motorhome!

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